iFi Audio's New Diablo amp/dac

What are everyone’s thoughts on this new AMP/DAC that was released today. I have the iDSD Signature, I was reading that somehow its not actually balanced 4.4, this this new one is? Looks like the new one will be $899 and it loses its x-bass, 3d and IE match. Trying to find more specs, if you have any more info post it. Cheers!

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if it lost all the nifty features ifi is known for, this is an even worse than not including Bluetooth when selling as a ‘mobile’ solution. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have no complaints with my Sig, its amazing with my IEM’s and will drive any headphone I through at it. The new one has less and is more, I wonder what their pitch will be for removing the features we all love. @ZeosPantera, they send you one of these to review yet?

Found this, all the specs.

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