iFi Aurora - What is This?

Saw this on the Z reviews subreddit and was very intrigued but have not heard much about it until then.

Hell, if money was of no object I’d buy it just for the design because it’s so retro and cool. I love iFi’s products and to me it looks like a Bluetooth speaker meant for the high end market.

High end bluetooth with LDAC, 6-speaker array with dual passive radiator with proper chambering, 320w output, tube pre-amp, with advanced DSP correction tech.

THE FUQ? :flushed:

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Hifi plus review

I don’t think this is new…but I also think iFi is not well known for having products other than DAC and amps. I can recall when I first started talking with M0N, he was surprised to learn they had a home speaker system, as he didn’t know…and M0N is a guy that knows a LOT when it comes to audio.

Agreed. I think it’s flown under the radar for a lot of us because it’s so not like them. to make something like this!

That’s what I said!

Good Forbes review that covered a lot of questions I had about the unit. Pretty sure this is going to be a new addition to my living room with my next bonus!