Ifi black label vs thx aaa portable

Planning to use it with audioquest nighthawks. Looking for a nice bass boost, dark sounding and high enhancing qualities :).

Which black Label Nano or Micro?

The full fat black label, not the nano

Then that, it kicks…it’ll power most/all of your home needs? let alone the otg’s…the new signature has a 4.4 out too… x2v😃

So get the black label then?

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Ain’t got the Nighthawks but it drives my Phantoms off the scale, let alone my IEM’s…Tin P1’s bass boast and Turbo mode = low gain Andro’s Eco = small gain, Z1R’s normal…HD660’s Normal…all thought some could call these’s loud I like loud :grimacing:

The nighthawks are pretty efficient lol. They are probably as efficient as the tin t2s… but I don’t care about that lol. All I care about is the s o u n d.

Hip-Dac then…MQA, small footprint …4.4mm + Xbass…Done deal lol

I also don’t care about the size as well lol. As long as it’s portable. But dosent the thx aaa portable or black label sound better? Or am I just confused…

Totally different sound sig’s tbh, so that’ll be down to your own personal preferences…there’s never a best lol.

Could ya describe them? If you can lol

Ok not great with sound sigs but …mostly the iFi with it’s two Burr brown chips are engaging, warm and impact full where as the thx is more clinical a tad more resolving with less soul lol?

To me I easily prefer the micro bl in this case. The thx aaa is clean, detail forward with a more analytical signature but imo it sounds a bit compressed, spatially lacking, and timbre is poor. Imo while the ifi is a warmer smoother more forgiving fun sound, it still has just as good if not better resolution than the thx, but also has a wider and more spacious stage, more impressive dynamics, and more organic timbre. Also the impact on the micro bl is really nice for the hawks. While the hawks are efficient they really come alive with a higher end more powerful amp. For some tracks the bass boost can be rather overkill for the hawks lol, but for some others it’s real nice. Also in terms of versatility the micro bl has a fair bit more features to offer, but the thx aaa is more compact

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Well I guess I’m getting the black label lol. Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:.

(Can’t wait to get a 600$ power bank sweeeeet)


Curious to hear what you think :+1:


Thanks for posting that Hifi English lol

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I mean you summed it up quite nicely lol, although I would say the thx isn’t as resolving as the bl for microdetail

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing what you think.

I also hope you’ll see that these things are not as utilitarian as you think. Amps and electronics will do a lot more than just powering up your product. It will greatly supplement your experience. Enjoy!