Ifi hip dac advice, battery issues

I have an Ifi hip dac v1 and the battery died, should I replace it with hip dac v2 or the Ifi go blu? I really liked the original hip dac especially the x bass.

Also does anyone know the replacement battery for the original hip dac. I cannot find it anywhere.


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@CartrKellr_iFi @CarterK_iFi @sebastien_chiu_iFi

hopefully this summons will work and someone from iFi can assist you with finding a new battery!

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Hey Jeff! If you enjoy the quality and overall functionality of the Hip DAC, the Hip DAC V2 is a great choice.

The GO blu has xBass & xSpace with the added functionality of blutooth connectivity. If you want something more portable and don’t mind spending the extra $10, it might be worth changing it up!

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what about a replacement battery so he can continue to use or sell it to help with the upgrade?

ive had two battery replacements, dont bother

did you trace any sort of cause for why they were failing? left plugged in like a desktop DAC / Amp where, like a laptop, that wears them down?

Off-hand, I don’t know how to go about getting a replacement battery aside from sending it back for repairs. I can check on that with the team and get back to you!