Ifi iCan Pro keep or sell?

So I have a 1st world problem. I just got a screaming deal on the ifi iCan Pro. But I already have a 789 and a singxer sa-1 which I bought just before I got the screaming deal, but haven’t listened to yet. (It was delivered ahead of schedule while I’m out of town. Don’t worry, I had a neighbor pick it up for me)

I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to see if the iCan is still worth it or if it is better to sell it and get different gear. I am interested in the xbass and the 3D effects. I know it puts out lots of power; 14w into 16ohms. But doesn’t that translate to approximately 7w into 32ohms (I know that isn’t always the case, but it is a fairly safe assumption), which is in the same ballpark as the 789 and the singxer? I had also heard that the iCan may not be as resolving as cheaper amps like the topping a90.

Is the ifi iCan Pro worth it in 2021?

So long story short… Should I keep the iCan and sell my other amps, or sell the iCan and fund other gear/phones with it?

On a side note, while I love transparency and resolution as much as anyone, I value dynamic range and soundstage quite a bit too. What I want in my gear is enough resolution too fully enjoy my music, but I don’t need the hyper resolution where you can hear the hint of a car driving by outside the studio.

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Let your ears decide as no one can make that decision for you :man_shrugging:


Which one measures better? :wink:


I mean, if you haven’t even listened to it yet why even ask? Just give it a listen and see if you like it. Would i personaly take an ican over other similarly rpuce gear? No. But I’m also willing to bet my priorities are massively different than your own. The ican is a great piece of kit iver all and if you got a good deal on it just enjoy it and use it to figure out what direction you want to take your system in before just jumping on something else because of random internet strangers

Are they both new? Have you not listened to either the SA-1 or iCan? You can probably get a $1000 after expenses for the iCan. If you can’t hear much improvement on your headphones with the iCan vs the SA-1, then that’s a good reason to sell the iCan

It is an awesome amp! I was not bowled over on first listen, but it has Really grown on me, over time (I have had it for two months).
I am SO hooked on the X-bass and the 3D. With some headphones, it is magical.

I have never heard the 789, but I did own the SP200 and got rid of it.

The Pro makes the DT880 (600 Ohm) sound awesome. The Grado’s love the bass boost and the Monolith M1570’s almost sound like speakers. :+1:

Only downside to me is cost, but I bought used.


only you can be the one that answers your question. however, I can give some advice that may help you get to the point that you know and are comfortable with the best course of action you should take.

listen to it with all your headphones and headphone models you don’t have and see which perform the best with your favorite songs. the one’s you think you know intimately and see if you get any surprises!

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We’re a little biased but we always say this: trust your ears and let them decide for you!


Thanks everyone. I’ll give both a good audition.


Looking forward to your feedback!

Well what happened ???


We all want to know!

So disaster struck and the if iCan Pro got lost in the mail, but luckily I got my money back.

Dang, thats not great at all…sorry to hear this!

They are very hard to find at the moment.


Oh no, may that pro unit rest in peace. So glad you got your money back!

They indeed are very hard to find for now.