Ifi Nano BL -vs- Micca OriGen G2

I just received my OriGen G2 today, so I decided to try and compare it to my ifi Nano BL.

I have to say that the OriGen G2 sounds cleaner and the Nano has a warmer sound. They both sound really good and I am sure others might hear something different as we all hear differently.

Either one is well worth the money…

Good to hear more comparisons of the G2. I loved mine when I had it. Great form factor and I love that big knob on the top. Very well built DAC/Amp.

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Yeah iFi products have a warmer more thick tuning than most amps

how do they respond to when you turn on the bass boost?

I do not have any bass boot.

I love my G2 even though it’s plastered everywhere that it measures poorly. Use it with my laptop when I’m anywhere in my house besides my main listening desk. I wish more things had this type of form factor.

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my bad…it’s on the Micro, not the Nano.

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