Ifi Pro iCAN as preamp?

Can the iCAN be used as a preamp for studio monitors? Would it affect sound quality?

I believe you can, and it would not really effect the sound as long as you didn’t have a tube mode on

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Awesome. Does plugging in headphones mute the xlr outputs? I’ve been trying to find info on that but theres nothing in the manual online?

I don’t know for sure tbh, so you might have to find someone who owns one. I think @BondDaBoom has one if I’m not mistaken

I’ve never connected my ican to any powered speakers. I’m surprised that their website doesn’t have the info. It does have the pre outs but unclear if you can control the volume with the Ican. I don’t have any powered monitors so I’m no help.

Don’t get the iCAN get HeadAmp GSX-mini gobs of clarity and it doesn’t hurt your hearing. Only good thing on the iCAN is bass boost. When I bought my iCAN it would have been 1795 which is same price range of GSX-mini. Only downer is it takes awhile to get one. Oh you want preamp the GSX-mini has a switch on the front for turning on and off the preamp section.

Anyone want to buy my ifi iCAN pro its the best amp in da world!!!:innocent:
Buddy I make you good deal.


I’m hacking this thread for advise.
MON I’m having no luck with EQ out of iTunes and maybe foobar2000. The problem is distortion what am I doing wrong?

You should always cut instead of boost frequencies, so if you for example wanted to add 4db of a certain frequency, reduce the rest by 4 db

okay thanks……………………

Did it work? Also feel free to just dm me if you don’t want to hijack the thread

yes it did……………………