Ifi xDSD vs Fiio Q5s

So the Fiio Q5s is for sale, and I was wondering if anyone has tried it out with the Fiio AM3D THX amplifier or not.
If so, how does it compare to the ifi xDSD?

I’m looking for a portable DAC/AMP and these are my top two options. I’ve been put off Chord because I listened to two different Daves at CanJam and they were just not right, it’s put me off of the mojo. I am also looking for Bluetooth and don’t want to spend another £300 for Bluetooth on the Mojo

Heard the q5s but not with the thx amp. Was pretty solid on its own, but the thx will probably make it more transparent sounding. The xDSD has the iFi sound signature so more focus on that warmer more enjoyable sound. It’s more of a personal preference thing for sound signature, because both of the units are great. I own the xDSD over the q5 because I liked the sound more and I also liked the xbass much better then the bass boost on the fiio. I would just say that if you want technicality go for the fiio and if you want a more crafted sound go for the xdsd.


cheers, exactly what I was looking for. I reckon the xDSD sounds like my thing.

Just make sure the clean it one in a while, because the finish can come off if you don’t

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