Ifi Zen and DT 770 250 ohm?


This is my first attempt at buying a proper DAC and headphones, and i’m a bit lost in figuring out how much power is needed to run the headphones and could do with some help.

I am planning on getting the ifi Zen DAC and pairing it with the Beyer Dynamic DT 770’s.
Will the Zen DAC be able to power the 250 ohm DT 770’s or would I need to step down to the 80 ohm version?
Or is their another problem with this setup that I have missed?


So the Zen dac would run the 770 250 ohm, but you could get more out of a stronger amp imo

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The only other DACs on the guide for around the same price (£125) is the Fiio K3 or the LOXJIE D10. And I think these are both weaker than the Zen, if i’m reading the specs right. And unfortunately my budget cant accommodate a £200 DAC, so I think ill go for the 80 ohm DT 770’s.

Thanks for your help.

Is a fiio k5 pro available?

Unfortunately not, its out of stock with no restock date, even there website doesn’t work. You click the buy button and it just opens up a new tab of the same page. If that comes into stock before I buy the DAC would that be better with the 250 ohm than the zen with the 80 ohm?

I would say so yes, the k5 pro is a more amp focused unit, where the zen dac is more dac focused, and with the 250 ohm you would want to prioritize the amp

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Ok thank you, ill watch out for the K5 and hopefully it will come back in stock soon.

Is my fiio k3 good for the 80 ohm cuz I think im missing bass
P. S. My motherboard actually gives a nice bass punchy