Ifi zen can + dc AEon 2 noire's

planed to buy AEon 2 noire. what i hve is ifi zen dac/can and i heard noire need more power, so the Q is
do i need to upgrade my amp or will it be enough to run noire’s in bal through zen can?
if amp is a must this are what i hve in mind
Singxer - SA-1
TOPPING - A90 Discrete
Cayin - iHA-6
or the whole package
FiiO - K9 Pro ESS

i am open to any suggestions.

my Aeon Closed X sounds great just off a Zen Dac with external power, I’d imagine it’s at least 90% there so Zen Can should be good enough until/unless you get upgrade-itis lol
also A90D seems to be the way to go until the next big thing comes

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Would definitely try it balanced but should be better with some more juice so maybe if a friend has a decent amp try it or buy an amp on a site with decent return policy and see if the improvement is worth the cost for you :wink:

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just to try out S.M.S.L - SH-9 is cheap and decent amp in my mind.
i don’t have much experience with amp’s, ifi zen’s are my first.

Topping A90 discrete. It’s the only one of those that isn’t that much current limited and will keep 10V at 12 Ohms.
Most amps will have a lot less power below 16 ohms because the power supply can’t provice enough current.

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