🔷 iFi ZEN CAN Headphone Amplifier

I’d be curious to know too!

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Hey guys can anybody recomend me a DAC with optical in that pairs well with the Zen CAN? I need the optical-in cause I have my consoles routed through my g6 too! Or do you think the g6 is good enough for the Can? A shame zen dac doesn’t have optical-in would have loved to try it.

Your G6 measures better than the Zen Can. So I would keep it as your DAC.

If you need something with a remote because the Zen Can is a little far away to adjust the volume You could get a Topping E30.

You can definetly use your G6 routed to the CAN! Very cool that you have your consoles routed to it.

Thanks for the replies guys was quite worried I would do my zen can injustice was a bad dac!

Yeah I play everything on my desktop and I was lucky to have found a cheap method to bypass the unsupported UAC2 of the consoles.

Of course. Happy to be of assistance.

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@sebastien_chiu_iFi hey Sebastien, I have the Zen CAN stacked off a Zen DAC og and it’s volume dial affects the CAN. what is the recommended advice for what to have the Zen DAC volume set to so you can use the CAN’s dial as the master.

I have the DAC sent to full volume, as that’s what’s recommended you do with the volume on your your source and any software being used to stream.

You can switch the IFI zen dac it to “fixed” instead of variable in the back.


HAAAH! 42 and still learning. Thanks Nm! :smiley:

NP man. i took me a bit to figure out too.

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If I remember correctly the truebass function doesn’t work anymore if you set it to fixed. So if you prefer the stronger truebass over the xbass you would have to leave it on variable and the knob on max.

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being the CAN has it’s own bass boosting function, that’s not a big deal, though could be an annoyance if you wanted to use headphones off the DAC and the CAN simultaneously.

X-Bass is better then true bass as it is a bit more subtle but more importantly doesn’t affect the mids. With Truebass the mids are impacted as well as the bass.

More bass.

Oh that’s a genius idea. Unintended feature, with an external amp one can drive two headphones simultaneously. That’s handy…

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We do that sometimes.

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accidentally on purpose ftw! :wink: