Ifi Zen Dac USB 3.0B cable too short

So my Ifi Zen Dac came in the mail today, but the USB cable that comes with it is too short (picture). Can anyone link me a good cable (can be an extension cable) that can be used with the Ifi Zen Dac? I am using it for my pc.

If and when you buy a new USB cable, length is a pretty big factor in this market. Some consumers want a very short and tidy USB, some others need super long to reach places.

I personally would look at the used market for a decent USB cable and see what you think.

Truthfully any usb 3.0 extension cable will be functional. You can find plenty of them on Amazon. As @Veritas mentions, USB cable length can be a concern, so only get the minimum length you need.

This is the one I bought and use

0,5 meters (20 inch) should be fine. Can anyone point out the exact name (type) of the cable that I need? Should I just replace the current cable or go for an extension cable?

Thank you for the quick replies, much appreciated.

USB 3.0 type A Male to USB 3.0 tybe B male would be what your looking for. I would say just get a longer cable instead of an extension or get a usb hub and use that instead just making sure the hubs cable connector reaches far enough

this one is fine right? https://www.allekabels.nl/usb-30-kabel/4548/1162796/usb-30-a-b-kabel.html (dutch website)

Yeah, provided its long enough for you.

i use this with 0 issues