IFI Zen Dac v2 question

Greetings all,

Audio noob here, I’m planning on buying the IFI Zen 2 in a couple of days for my headphones + IEM and was wondering if/what other equipment I need if I want to hook up my apple tv + speakers to this? I’m currently have Micca MB42X speakers.

IFI Zen > Apple TV + Micca MB42X is what I’m trying to setup.


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You’re planning on directly connecting a Zen DAC V2 to an AppleTV?

If it’s possible, but will listen to other options/advice.

The Zen DAC V2 only has USB as it’s input connection, you need a PC for it.

You’re probably going to have to go for a different DAC/Amp to do what you are looking to do.

What’s the whole of your setup like as far as connectivity goes?

PC to Zen dac as main source, it’s for my office so I have a TV + Apple TV I was hoping to connect it too.

Yeah, there’s not another input on the ZEN so you’d only be using it off of the PC.

Ok, np I’ll just buying something separate for my apple TV.