iFi Zen DAC V2 VS Dilvpoetry DAC DT-1

Looking for a budget dac/amp, new to the audiophile world got a couple of iems the katos and the Timeless an epos h6pro (pc36x) ordered a hifiman 400se and a Sennheiser hd600
Dilvpoetry DAC DT-1 Or the iFI zen dac v2 ?

the dilvpoetry has more juice. it will drive the hifiman and senn’s louder. i have not heard it. i do have a zen dac though and quite like it. the bass boost helps the hd600’s on things with deep bass. it just wont drive them super loud. i do not own the hifiman he400se, or any hifiman product, as their typical tuning isn’t my cup of tea and i don’t eq.

More juice for sure then, not top priority neither the price, they are both almost the same price in Europe
as far as hd600 go people say they benefit a lot from tubes, i’m just not sure how differently they sound, if one of them just sounds better i rather get that, they both have balanced output so power not really and issue for the headphones i’m using

from what i can tell, the ifi is going to have a little warmer tuning. the dilvpoetry will have a larger soundstage. from what i have read, the tubes it comes with are fairly analytical, and not very “tubey”. you can try other tubes, but the tube market atm is rough with stock from the ukraine/russian war. a lot of tubes come from those 2 countries both nos and new.

the dilvpoetry will be more versatile over all with the more juice. the ifi isnt the best amp with planars. a lot of planars need some juice to sound their best.

i do love my ifi zen, don’t get me wrong. and i listen to my t60rp argons on it all the time. but they sound better and cleaner overall on my lyr3 with a lot more juice.

color me surprised, t60 argons come balanced, and that’s not enough, i’m just not sure about the sound then or the build quality either, the zen dac is very well built.

the big problem is the ifi just doesnt have a lot of juice under the helm. plenty for most things. but some planars get hungry.

Ordered it Yesterday, will arrive tomorrow, ty for your advice

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Ordered both returned the Zen dac V2.
i’m new to this world but the Dilvpoetry sound better especially on my HD600 and Hifimans

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t has the more juice for things that need it, like those 2 headphones =)