🔷 iFi Zen One Signature

This is the official thread for the Zen One Signature

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Point1: USB3.0 Type B, S/PDIF (coaxial, TOSLINK optical)
    Bluetooth 5.1 Inputs
  • Point2: Coaxial, RCA and 4.4mm balanced Lineouts

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Z Reviews…

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Thanks, guys!

Looking good,thanks.

Looks like it’s going for $350
IFI Zen ONE https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MM38SPM/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_5YY3CMPM993RBS1VPRPB

MajorHiFi has a review on this… guy has s love n hardon for all that is iFi so its got a glowing review full of praise and accolades. :grin:

Sad to see fixed/variable output dropped for this version.

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Randy did a review on this new Dac:

Thanks for posting up about it!

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Are there any reviews out yet? Is there any alternative dac in the same price range or cheaper with similar specs (inputs/ balanced outputs) Looking for an upgrade of my topping e30/l30 stack using the sundara and sennheiser hd660s. Ifi zen dac v2 looks very nice but thinking about zen one signature/zen can combo (more power, bluetooth)

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Think that would be more of a side grade than a real upgrade
Maybe something like an Asgard 3 could be an upgrade if you have cans that need more juice or the l30 is a bit to lifeless for your taste
Likewise the zen DAC would also be more of a signature change than a real upgrade, some might call an e50 or Modius an upgrade others might say a real upgrade can only be had in the 500-700 bucks range

All in all i would recommend into looking what you might want to change and than spend your money :money_mouth_face: in a smart way so HP, amp than DAC , instead of Sidegrades :wink:

I agree with DB… the Zen is a side grade.

whats your budget, where do you live and what music genres do you listen to the most?

I would like to keep it under 400-500 dollars. I’m in europe so shiit stuff is hard get. Didnt realize the zen can has less power than the topping. Bit having bluetooth for convience would be nice. I thought Xbass for my sundara and xspace for the sennheiser. I listen to various genres rock pop electronic hiphop classical soundtracks experimental etc

Maybe try a hybrid tube amp? Something like the little dot mk 2 could be a nice fit for your Sennheisers and you could also use it as a preamp for the l30 to get it more warmth
Just remembered the xduoo Mt 602 should also be useful and both could be had for a bit over 100€ and you’ll see if you like a bit more warmth and smoothness in your chain ?

The thing is that I’d rather add some warmth to my sundaras and that was why I was thinking about changing to a class a solid state amp. but using tubes as preamp is a good idea for future :slight_smile: