iFi's new power cable range


Thanks, mate :slight_smile:

Here are the product links to our site for more info!

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And the Price?


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Okay not Bad for the Price.
It comes with Eu plug too?

Yeah it seems that way, maybe they’ll also have UK and Murican options too? @sebastien_chiu_iFi

American options yes, other than that only EU now! UK is in the works I believe.

what’s out there for reasonably priced power cables? not cheap…not ludicrous. I would think there would be great interest in a solid / reputable brand.

These are very nice. I am intrigued and will consider them when they become available. Maybe the passive one for the amp and the active one for the DAC. Although I already have Ifi purifiers in play, so maybe just 2 passives will do.