Ikko I planet foam eartips

I have been waiting on these so got an order in either way, figured I’d share since I found them last night, had to get mine ordered first so I’m sure you can understand… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They look great and the sizes are really close to ms and m spiral tips so I’m pumped. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for your opinions, very curious as well

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For sure, I’ll try them with the OH10 and I got a second cheaper iem coming in the Trn X6, that I can try with them too. I think I,may have to use the cp360 on the x6 for daily use but we will see how good my lips for tips are…that sounds bad :frowning: lol

FINALLY!!! :smiley:

Size comparison to SM and M Spiral dots, which is what I use for a comfortable and pleasurable fit/listen now.

Impressions:: Great, but possibly flawed long term. They are very soft, and low pressure on my ears. Great comfort due to this They do isolate well, but not the same as other tips since they don’t insert as deep as other foams. They behave closer to comply but rebound faster than comply in my experience.

Sound:: Because of the narrow bore they are like using the stock black tips, larger soundstage and slightly more recessed lower mids. Works great for contrast as spiral dots are closer to the stock clear tips.

These seem on the expensive side for tips since its only 2 pair, no complaints on what you get. I worry about long term durability as well, but honestly these are the first foam tips I’ve been behind 100% so it may just be the cost of doing business for me going forward lol. These might be endgame foams for short stem IEMS due to their insertion.


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Well that’s really good :+1:. I’m still waiting for my pair to come in, hope it’s as comfy as you describe

Definitely prefer them to Dekoni for the short stem due to the better comfort and a less deep insertion, I even think they may increase the bass more. Listening to Gooey as I type and it is just slapping me in the head lol.