Ikko OH10 ear tips

Hello guys!
For my Ikko OH10 i have decided to go with Dekoni ear tips, but i don’t know which ones fit, the Mercury or the Gemini!

I got the Mercury because it fits the oh10’s bore. The Gemini will be too small for the oh10

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Thank you!
I was thinking too for Mercury, but i wanted to be sure.

If you find the deep insertion from the dekonis to be too much I suggest trimming them or going with the ikko i-planet tips. Hope you enjoy either way :smiley:

still waiting on my i-planet tips… ordered on august 6th…

:frowning: I’m sorry on that, that sux, it took forever for mine too.

Thanks for the advice!
But how they compare in sound against the Dekoni?

More bass and maintains good soundstage. They are closer to the narrow bore even though the bore is large on the foams. This is with them shortened as the dekoni were too painful for me on even medium listening sessions. 8f my memory is correct though there are less highs if they are kept at default size since there is more material to absorb the sound.