Ikko OH10 vs Polaris V2 comparison

Hello I was curious if anybody had an opinion or comparison about Oh 10 and the Polaris V2. I’ve looked around a bit and I couldn’t find any kind of comparison between the two and I was curious how big of an upgrade it would be from the oh 10. It seems like there’s a lot of conflicting reviews of the Polaris V2 but I don’t know if it’s comparing them to the other campfire iems or other iems.

From the graphs, the Polaris is a healthy V-shaped signature and Ikko’s more of a U-shape. I too am considering the Polaris V2 this year, but then I came across the Empire Ears Bravado and started to consider getting fitted for custom IEMs. The universal fit Bravado’s are about $100 more than the Polaris; add another $100 on top of that if you want to go the custom fit route. An outlier that I was also considering is the Noble Audio M3, but the peak in the 2K region has me second guessing.

The polaris v2 is pretty is very v shaped, so if you like the v shaped sound the v2 is for you lol. I do think they are more detailed than the oh10, but the oh10 is wider and more laid back, where the v2 is going to be more agressive

I was thinking of the Polaris V2 because I love the sound of the Oh10, the warm smooth signature, wide stage and the deep bass and rumble that it can produce. But I’m having a hard time with the fit the way that it’s build pushes against a certain part of both of my ears in it ends up being sore after a little bit of listening. I was thinking about returning them which I really don’t want to but they’re kind of uncomfortable for me. I was hoping I’d be able to get used to it before the return date but I don’t want to be stuck with a iem that’s uncomfortable. Does anybody know any iems that are close to what the OH10 can produce?

I went from OH1’s to Fiio FH7’s and couldn’t be happier. You may want to consider the DK-3001 Pro as well. They’re almost the same price with the DK-3001 Pro’s coming with more accessories included, primarily the switchable connectors.

Polaris V2 has extensive bass, plenty of rumble you feel in the ear, great sparkle. The TEAC tuning gives it a distinct character, I really enjoy the more holographic sound . The Bravado has a deep bass and vocals take a big step back, it’s got some top end, but not that CA sparkle and a touch less vocal presence than the CA too. But neither are mid-friendly choices. The OH-10 has good air up top and a slight sparkle, it definitely has more than the OH-1, and vocals are more forward. The Oriolus Reborn or MK2, if you like bass, should be somewhere on the list also, if you’re interested. I owned or own all IEMs mentioned. Witch Girl Pro has 2DDs and 4BAs, it’s a bit dark, but has tasteful oomph and vocals don’t suffer. It’s smooth, still detailed, and doesn’t muddy up the mids as the prior mentions. The QDC Tres is bassy and I could talk about that more, if curious. Seems like you might be looking at hybrids, so I’ll leave the 334/335 out of it. Happy hunting.

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