Ikko Zerda Portable Amp Dac Available now

Hey, I don’t need it, but for those that do Ikko has now made the Zerda available on amazon etc. 99$ so it had better perform. Here is the link for the usb-c version:

If you check their facebook it looks like there may be an apple compatible one out there too.

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So I have been on the prowl for portable and simple ways to enjoy my music in a way that is better then an on board dac most of them are good in there own right and I wouldn’t change what they are for and how they work but for me I wanted something simple yet effective something that could make the ease of use worth the audio quality bump something utilitarian but beautiful. I have tried Little Bear B4-X Fiio BTR3 Fiio BTR5 Fiio M11 and every time there was something missing from it and I couldn’t put my finger on what I really wanted. There is nothing wrong with those solutions to portable audio. The best from the pack BTR5 has amazing resolution and great amplification but I am not a fan of the usb issues and honestly don’t enjoy bluetooth that much. After returning it to amazon I couldn’t help myself and looked around for a category I had not tried yet the dongles.

Get on with how it sounds ok ok… This is the USB C version.
It can be a Optical out or SE 3.5 For this review I am gonna be using the SE.
The Headphones I used where DT770 250OHM Senni HD58X and Campfire Comets
Amplification is good it doesn’t get as loud as at BTR5 but can push the DT770/HD58X to very loud. Louder then I ever need campfires it will push till it hurts. But the 600OHM I don’t really believe 250-300 max OHM
Bass is very good quite punchy
Mids are smooth and very natural and has very detailed treble
Everything sounds very natural and I don’t hear anything off putting
The build quality feel really nice and its quite small and pocketable smaller then a BTR3.
Soundstage is good and feels natural and left to the headphone more then the source constricting it.
Over all It’s the simple way to get better audio if your a lazy person that doesn’t wanna mess with bluetooth or charge up a device. It also gives you more options then ever expected.

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For anyone interested in getting one of these. They are mostly very good sound and feature wise.

Only Cons, Can’t drive a Senn 300Ohm efficiently and also DSD128 does not work. DSD64 does, waiting on response from IKKO on this one.

I do think in the future however, this class of DACAmp should / would? be offered around $50. It’s no frills although the TOSLINK out is a big bonus.

I also have the Fiio BTR5, and for features / performance I think it is the better value option. Although iPhone users will benefit from the IKKO lightning connector support. No USB / Camera adaptor needed.

There’s a ITM01 out now, which I just reviewed: