I'll try a sample... examples (not so common sampled songs)

I always get a kick when I run into song samples that I hadn’t known about or heard before. Figured I’d start a thread to discuss song samples that you know that maybe aren’t so common knowledge.

I want the work done though don’t come here with your lazy ass self, time stamp the stuff and contribute lots cause that’s what makes it fun. :wink:

Por ejemplo:


From what I know is the origin

From when I first heard the riff

Most recent song I heard of that sample


cripes, Your Woman sounds so awesome on my NHC off the balanced out on my Zen. gives me the shivers! :smiley:

hot damn, I wrote the above before it finished…but as it finished it had some heavy drums that had bass vibrate right to the centre of my head! WOWEE! :smiley:

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:astonished: and doesn’t that scream of this…?


I have probably heard the Imperial March far more times than any of those other songs combined, and never heard it that way until now. :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

question for you. what is the definition of ‘samples’ here? not so common songs in general or is there something more to the meaning?

just a catchy name to the thread. But a sample as uses from one song that incorporates it into another song. There are lots of those what a popular and a lot of people know about. Like 3/4 of stuff from the mainstream mogul type rappers.

Those I don’t care about.

The more obscure ones this the examples here. A lot of fun to discover.

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grrr…I can’t find a good YouTube of Song 2 by Blur. <_O

Perhaps some may find this slightly cringey however i dont and i think its well produced music with good rythm. Its definitely something most wouldn’t listen to.

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that wasn’t too bad. not something you’d listen to all the time, but I enjoyed it enough to try the rest of their stuff.

you should definitely post some of their super bass heavy stuff in the bass thread! :smiley:

this reminds me of a more industrial version of Johnny Hollow with a lil bit of dubstep.

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Oh cool thanks

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Bumping this thread, because I’d love to hear more content.

A lot of influences samples and a downright copy in Blue Monday, worth a watch if you’ve got a spare fifteen minutes!

Samples “How Blue Can You Get” by BB King. No timestamp comes the sample starts at about 12 seconds.

Samples “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby. It’s the main hook so no timestamp necessary. This is sampling done well. Bruce Hornsby praised 2Pac’s reimagining of his song

And then sampling can be done poorly:

“Hey let’s sample Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama AT THE SAME TIME!”

“People will see right through that, Kid.”

“Then we’ll start the song with Dave Grohl’s drum entrance to Smells Like Teen Spirit. They’ll never suspect the rest!”


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10 seconds into the kid rock and I wanted to vomit. lol

That it was a hit at all is a testament to how good Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama are. The Kid Rock song took 2 great songs and a legendary drum intro and somehow made the product way worse than of its constituent parts.

#1 in Australia! lol, I’m fair dinkum dissapointed mates.