I'm a music junkie

I have a budget of $600 I would not like to spend all of it but it’s what I have i’m looking for the best audio quality for a reasonable price I already have a receiver and am looking for recommendations for a set of stereo speakers and maybe a sub

Hopefully Zeos will do a review on them. Neumi CS5 $69x2=$139. so far think they got better tone than micca RB42C. ELAC SUB1010 $129x2=$258 $139+$258=$397

Its not best but bang for your buck.

emotiva airmotiv b1+(229$/pair) + airmotiv se 8(299$) is a good sub 600$ combo.

dayton audio mk442t 239$/pair + dayton audio sub 1000 x2(119$ each)

elac debut 2.0 b6.2 260$/pair(sale price, but always on sale) elac sub 1010 129$ x 2

theres a few more options to start ya off looking. most subs under the 150-200$ range are not that powerful and can benefit from using 2. that being said if your space is small, only get 1 sub. if large, get 2.

edit: all types of music? a sub may not be needed at all depending on genres of music you listen to.

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Im sold on dual subs as altenative to floorstanders and add a 3rd sub to get down to SFX fequency for movies.

I listen to a lot of pop, country, and rock

Do you have any recommendations for sealed subs

the emotiva uses a passive radiator and is therefor sealed(passive radiators replicate ports, but without port noise). not a lot of sealed subs in that price range that wouldnt take up most of your budget.