Im a/was rgb noob, but i want the good stuff now, any help?

k i just learned about the whole world of shit gaming headsets and the world of good shit, but i have no clue how to go from here.
Atm i have (yes ik rgb shit) corsair void rgb. But i want to improve (and they are kinda broken down) and i dont have that big of a budget.
I wanna improve my audio en mic game, but i dont know shit about like what is bright or warm or v-shaped and what not.
Ssoo that me being here asking for some help in the right direction.
Looking to improve my audio and mic gear for around 100-150 euro’s.
Im not rlly planning for a dac/amp and just want to plug it in in my pc or smartphone/switch
I do want a mic thats decent, so i am looking at that v-moda boompro, but what headphones to go with it?
Multiple options would be great :smiley:
Thx already for ur time

Slightly over budget, but Beyerdynamic Custom Game:

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Let’s start there aaaaand

There. That should give you a pretty large list of headphones.

As for microphones. Antlion Modmic, Vmoda boom pro(it has to have a 3.5 mm jack for a detachable cable plug in not a duel cable but a single plug, and that there in the case it uses a 2.5 mm plug instead of a 3.5mm like the sennheiser hd 598s. @Yersios1812

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My brain has to much brands and information in my head hahahah
thx for helping out tho.
probebly gonna need to have more information and be determind enough to go for that perfect one @Falenkor

Well, I suppose the biggest concern in this case is the fact that you don’t have any experience wiith the difference between bright, warm, V, dark, etc that plus the Budget is fairly low and is generally still in the gamer headset spectrum making things a tad more complicated. It’s definitely accomplishable but it also definitely depends on the persons tastes in sound. In the case of casual for instance I probably wouldn’t recommend an AKG k712 or k702 because they lack bass and I know a ton of casual players who love that nice deep bass in their headphone just as an example. There’s quite the experience and a lot of testing. It may be a great idea for you to possibly look into a near by audio store, if you have one, and listen to them for yourself to get a better understanding… It may help you pinpoint your choice. Glad the guides are able to help and if you have any questions definitely do not hesitate to ask.

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I’m not super knowledgeable on headphones but I know a thing or two on mics if you want! This may increase the cost of your overall setup however so might not be too easy on a tight budget but may be worth looking into.

I know you said you don’t really want a DAC/AMP but an interface would be a nice purchase. Assuming your headphones are low enough impedance your switch will have no issues driving them and most interfaces will have no issue either.
Something like the behringer UM2 would be perfect at your desk when you need your mic and is pretty inexpensive ( great review here btw) That would pair well with a good XLR mic, there are many to be had for a good price, especially used if you’re ok with the risks that come there. I would recommend a dynamic mic as they are great at cutting out background sound, there are sometimes good deals on mics like the shure SM57/SM58 which both sound great especially with a touch of software EQ
I understand however that this setup is more expensive though but may be worth the investment. It will also give you a good upgrade path for if you ever want to upgrade your mic if you decide to start streaming or something. You can also plug in the Boompro into it as often these will sound better than your computers onboard sound card. (you might need an XLR to 3.5mm adapter for this to work)

Other cheap mic options if you want a dedicated mic instead of a clip on boom are the samson go, which if you have on a stand near your mouth can sound pretty nice with a bit of EQ, this is a USB mic so you won’t need an interface either

but TL;DR the 35 euro on something like a UM2 would be a great addition to your setup.

So, if I understand correctly, those UM2 are for speical mics? other then USB. (and probebly more expensive). And u made my life choices even more complicated.
My main focus is probebly still the headphones, and i am not rlly planning on streaming or doing covers and what not. Sure a nice sounding mic is nice for my discord calls, but probebly a usb mic or that boompro will do already way better then what I got rn.

(That doesnt mean I could go for that path later, so if you do have the time, could u explain me a little more about it in even more understandeble language for a noob like me. Who doesnt know most hifi terms and things)

I wouldn’t recommend this personally for someone on a budget. It’s more expensive than just buying a modmic, vmoda boom pro, 2.5mm like i listed, or even a lavalier mic. However, with this to explain. Audio interfaces are for those who want to use XLR microphones. XLR refers to the type of plug they use. UM2 is like the most budget friendly of the audio interfaces but its fairly weak and after a certain point of cost for a microphone it won’t be as useful though it’s still a good item. USB are just your typical plug and play microphones however to go a bit into them they do tend to break in the strangest of ways, tend to be made a little cheaper, don’t rely on an audio interface, and are typically a condensor microphone. Condensor microphones are good for those who have a super quiet room or home and aren’t worried about any form of outside sound as these mics are very good at picking up outside sounds meanwhile Dynamic mics which you can find in the XLR audio interface setups are designed to block out outside noise around you while still centering your voice making them a little better for those in a louder environment. Needless to say though in gaming You can still pick up a Modmic for $40-$120 depending on which plugin you use and model, I own the USB works really good, or v moda boom pro if the headphone is compatible which can be bought for around $20 or so meanwhile the XLR setup your looking at around $90+ minimum. However, to put it bluntly the XLR setups have the best and clearest mic quality in any setup hands down USB can do the same thing just without audio interface but you run the risk of overly sensitive microphones… you can tweak settings and the like to help with this though. These can still run you from $60-$150 for a usb. Hope that helps explain it a little more. You can be just fine with the cheaper alternatives. If you want the best mic quality though XLR is the best you can get. Keep in mind this is your gaming streamer setup, you know those boom arm microphones you see in videos with streamers? Yeah those.

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Alright, this cleares up a lot of things, thx for explaining this all and “wasting” your precious time for some one u do not know.
I think that for now I want to go for the cheaper route, the USB mic or modmic/boompro.
For me and my needes at this time, I dont need the best of the best but want a bit better then the GAMER headset I currently have.

This video ( really made me open my eyes and what I could get for a decent price.

Other then the Samson GO and modmic/boom pro’s, any other good USB mics, between 30-50?

Also, it really sucks that in my country, the SHP9500 are out of stock for ages and I can’t/don’t want to import them from the USA. What are other really nice headphones for gaming, that goes with for example the BoomPRO’s?

Thx again for ur time and take care of yourself!

Generally microphones in that region are not very good… those ones in particular are really promoted due to being essentially the best in that price range… they really are that one special item in this case. SHP9500 are amazing, but there is the Fidelio x2 hr which I find a little more enjoyable as it has more bass so look into that as well. These both use v moda and have a warm bassy signature

Also HD 598, HD 599, and HD 558 all make use of the other microphone I listed due to the 2.5mm plug instead of a 3.5 mm jack which still works just fine. I would say the ever popular 58x but in this case it cannot make use of the cheap boom pro microphone. These are a more balanced sound

Like mentioned Custom Game from beyerdynamic is another but I don’t personally like these due to that slight compression but others results may vary. The only from beyer that is “cheap” would be the Tygr 300 r but this I feel is out of your price range due to only being available outside of its bundle being bought direct from the company but you would have to look into that yourself.

The lists I posted practically covers anything that would be deemed “good” honestly. Generally speaking you would ideally want a $300 budget for a fantastic headphone to run with. May be a good idea to go cheap for now or hold off and pick up one of the higher end ones later down the road.

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The samson go is pretty good for it’s price but i’d strongly reccomend you get some form of boom arm for it. Whatever mic you go for you’ll want it as close to you as possible so you can turn the gain down and help isolate keyboards, fans and other loud noises.
LTT has a great video on cheap mic’s! I’d recommend their XLR setup with the XM8500, Once again it’s slightly over budget but worth the extra opinion in my opinion. They also have some good recommendations for some cheaper mics!
But whatever you choose, a boom stand to get it close to your mouth is a really good idea.

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I just wachted that video from LTT, and that Fifine K669 is sounding pretty great for the money.
Also, I forgot about Blue, wich also has pretty nice products.

I did saw that XLR setup, and that is also sounding pretty nice, allthough I dont have that cable and stand wich they excluded from the total price.

I do think that I know enough about what mic to get, now the choice for the headphones.

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The FiFine did sound pretty good, just make sure you get a good boom stand, you can get them on amazon for around $15 or even cheaper on ebay!

And by that u mean the arm aswell? or just the shockmount?

Just the arm is fine but a shockmount is always a bonus if you can get one, there are many universal mounts that should do the trick for a good price.
FiFine actually sells one on their website but I’m not sure how easy it is to get one.
( )
I’d also recommend a pop filter if you can but using an old sock should do the trick, I used a piece of foam I had wrapped around my mic originally which worked great on reducing plosives!
If you want a better one they can be found for about £6 on amazon but the sock trick works well if you’re in a pinch.