I'm Having trouble powering ModMic 5

I use the ModMic 5 with my 250ohm Beyerdynamic DT 770s for gaming / discord communications on my PC. I have the ModMic 5 plugged into my PC, and the DT 770s into my DAC/AMP.

The problem I’m having with the ModMic 5 is that even when I have the microphone volume at 100 in windows, I still appear very quiet. I have to boost the microphone to +20.0dB to appear loud to others. But in doing so, I get a lot of white noise in the background. To eliminate most of the white noise, I enable noise suppression on my motherboard to help, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

I have tried using Sabrent, UGREEN, and BENGOO usb external sound cards, but they do little to nothing in terms of eliminating white noise. In fact, my motherboard eliminates the white noise more with the noise suppression feature than these external devices do.

Apparently the ModMic 5 requires 5V of power or something? Anyone else have a similar issue as I am? Any solutions would help.