I'm looking for a decent home cinema setup under $700

I would love if someone could recommend me something. Because I want to upgrade my film viewing experience with more than just the sound coming from the TV itself. I know this is a super tight budget, but i’ll do with that in the near future. Thanks!

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Are you looking for a surround setup or just stereo?

Surround is preferred. I just came across a Sony 5.1 HTIB. It’s called Sony DAV DZ350. Is it good? Couldn’t find any reviews on it really.

Is the Sony system good? It will be a big upgrade over built in TV speakers. On your budget, no.

If I were you right now with a $700 budget? Here’s what I would do…

2 pair Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers - $140

Pioneer SP-C22 center speaker - $53

BIC America F12 subwoofer - $210

Yamaha RX-V385 receiver - $280

Cabling may take you a bit past $700. You could get a cheaper sub if that’s the problem. But bang-for-the-buck…good luck beating this.


Thank you for the rec! The Sony system isn’t a bad upgrade either for half the budget price! However, for the speakers, could you trust yamaha speakers instead of pioneer, I don’t know any local shop with sells the ones you recommended.

Yes. Those Pioneers were designed by an established and respected speaker designer named Andrew Jones. They drew rave reviews for their music performance. Typically if a speaker does music well, it does home theater well. Yamaha is less known for their home audio speakers, but they are popular and respected for studio monitor speakers. If there are Yamaha speakers at your local shop that you like and are in your price range, there’s no reason not to get them.

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Hey man, I just went to a local shop and found this: Pioneer HTP-076. It’s an AV receiver that is being sold with a speaker package. Compared to the sony I talked to you about, I know for sure it’s better, and also it seems that I can upgrade the speakers with others of my choice if there is a need for upgrade in the future. Kindly let me know what you think of it! Thanks man!

There’s nothing wrong with that as a starter system. And yes, you’ll be able upgrade speakers over time. Enjoy!

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I’d rather have the Yamaha HTIB


. But I’d get a refurb Denon S650 and Fluance Elite 5.0 Bookshelf and add a sub Later



add a Dayton Sub 1200 later, or BIC PL-200 ii, JBl 550P when On Sale,

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I would like to suggest JBL SB130 which will cost around 160$ for surround effects.