Im noob to not satisfied what do i need?

i currently own 2 yahmaha amps
rx v1400

My current setup ,sound of my speakers travels to further rooms .
vs being isolated ,into room im in.
Thus me having crank volume.

Is it best I purchase Denon ,Get auto room correction.
I want sound be trapped ,Into the room im in listening.
Vs traveling to other rooms,I got crank volume it sounds awful.

I used ypao mics ,but one receiver is old
Other is entry model ,I got both them on cheap.
I guarantee you my speaker placement ,Is wrong as Im noob to speakers.
Making me question ,If I need Denon ,Fix problem i have atm.

Nothing worst then having all this gear, Thus not being satisifed.
Something sounds off,I’m trying figure out ,What I need to fix it.

Forgive my crappy english ,As I’m on mobile phone atm
Until I afford ,New desktop or laptop.

Speakers i use
Jamo s 807 towers
Klipsch R-51m

I would suggest treating the room to reduce reflections if I’m understanding you correctly. Is your room very echoy? Does it have too much or too little bass? You can use free software like REW on a PC to do room correction and see if that fixes the problem, or if it does not help.

I no idea ,I’m totally new to speakers and amps receivers.
I just moved ,Yes I know i need speaker stands ,and freaking rack put the receivers on etc.
i just bought all this stuff recently in last month.

this is medium sized room i have lil room behind me maybe 6.5 ft listening position

Hard wood floors can be a serious issue for echos and can make it so when you turn up the volume it can be less then ideal. If you put a large thick rug on the floor, treat the corners with bass traps, and possibly if you need to hang thick blankets on some of the walls of the room, it would reduce the echo. You should also have your speakers about 1.5-2ft away from the wall and not having them face towards corners. It might also improve the sound

I second all MON wrote and I would add a few plants here and the - they also help with diffusing sound a touch

and watch this video

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Just make sure their real plants lol, I think some of the plastic ones might not help or can cause problems