Immersive experience

What is your go to choice Headphones for immersive gaming(Single Player games) And movies? And what do you recommend for different budget?


Would you mind expanding on what you mean by “immersive”?

Do you mean deep and rumbling bass? More intense presentation?

Have you ever heard a really sweet car audio system with surround mode enabled?

That kind of drowning-in-and-being-assaulted-by-sound immersion, that’s what he’s after!

You’re inside the music instead of watching from afar.

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Immersion like that comes from great imaging, so you would want to look at Planar headphones for that as they tend to excel in that area.

The new LCD X 2021 is said to be like a “helmet of sound”. Quite expensive though.

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I love my Vokyl Erupt for horror, and games in general!

Audeze Mobius offers excellent sound, but they get hot.

I’ve heard HE400SE are good, for something cheaper.

And for something less cheaper, could try GL2000 or AEON 2/RT.

I would look at T50/60RP for less expensive but you need a good amp or audioquest nighthawks.
Aeon R/T, sendy avais for mid range budget and finally Audeze LCD2CB or LCDX for a higher end budget.