Important car audio tweaks you have made?

Any tweaks or small changes you have made that gave a good result in your system?

Biggest was good grounding!!! In a DC circuit power flows from - to +. dont be afraid to sand down paint and have a good connection. That and a capacitor were the biggest differences i have seen. Same thing for head units. Dont use the ground in the adapter connector. Make your own cable that goes to a solid piece of frame / body metal and again sand down the paint to bare metal before connecting it. Both of them reduce noise and give the equipment better power.

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Proper treatment to doors and trunk while also properly decoupling drivers from the metal surfaces they are mounted too. I like to use either butyl rope or a thick layer of OCF to help.

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How many people buy aftermarket car audio now? I am interested as at one time I used to play with upgrading car audio but since the change to modern infotainment systems and audio systems built into the car rather than the more traditional head units I haven’t. Nowadays it seems to be a lucrative business for many high end audio manufacturers to license the premium upgrade options of car makers. I read somewhere that some high end audio companies are now pretty much dependent on that market to be viable.

I took the best audio (canton) and infotaiment system with navigation, big screen etc. that was available.
Think it was 5 months and i changed the all speakers (expect center) and did the sound deadening + more a pro speaker installment.
Original speakers were garbage compared to good aftermarket speakers.
Infotaiment system has worked nicely and original amp/dsp is pretty good and did not want to do more.

Depends on your car and how long you plan to keep it. Some factory systems are better than others. For example in my mustang the only option I wanted was performance package when buying new. It was 8k extra for the (premium) package that had the better radio, but I also didn’t want any of the items they listed. So I am just upgrading the radio myself.
On the other side when we got my wife’s f150 we got it with the trim that had the upgraded radio package because it had other items we wanted too, so it was included with the better radio system.