Improving equipment


Two years ago I started hifi adventure with low budget with HD58X + E30, Im very happy, and I want to go further

I have aprox 1500$ budget this time and I would want:

  1. Dynamic headphones that can bring something new and far better than HD58X
  2. First planars, I want experience them (I read that planars are nice on bass unlike dynamic and maybe is good to have two to combine different type of music)
  3. Amp that can bring good performance for both

I watched some Zeos reviews from headphones in main page filter and amps, and initially I was thinking on DT1990+M1060+Jotunheim 2

Could you help me to do the right choose?

Thank you.

where do you live?

For an extra $100, you can add the ES9028 DAC to the Jotunheim and have a DAC/Amp Combo.

What source do you plan on using?

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its been said the Asgard 3 is so good it made the Jot 2 redundant. having a separate DAC is the better idea, tho.

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I’m in EU but I don’t care about customs. As a Dac , Could I use E30 as well? I could use it for a while until I can get another DAC you recommendout of the budget. For Asgard or Jotunheim I guess Birost 2 is more than enough also if I want to do stack combo?

The source Is mainly PC with foobar or else playing games. I use the headphones Around 10h each day since also work with my PC, so also these needs to be comfortable like HD58X which is a bless for ears, no weariness and pain with them.

Marzipan said about separated DAC and I could get separated later(bifrost for example), but how good is the ES9028? I read is designed by them, and the people tested it says now is probably worth if you want the all in one because performs better than older multibit. What’s more, is there much difference on having an E30?

Keep the E30, far better than the poor performance of the optional schiit dac cards. For first planar I would say he400se. Asgard 3 or Singxer sa-1 over the Jotunheim but you dont really need that much power for those headphones - L30, magni would do fine giving you more to spend on the headphones which is really where you are going to see the most improvements.


Whats the difference between he400se and he400i?

About the DT1990, is it a good option to get a different and better experience compared to HD58X?

Regarding amp, I got courious about Jotunheim 2 again due to review made by guy in forum called WaveTheory, specially the part that he says, with single and balanced in this amp you are getting actually two different 300$ amps to have more options of finding synergies with different headphones.

From my research all decent solid state amps will have a flat frequency response up to 20khz so I dont think headphone pairings makes much sense there. As long as the amp has enough power to drive your headphones to their full capability the differences will be negligible between amps and youre better off using parametric eq to change the frequency response.

I’m not sure about those headphone differences but I would recommend the 1990 as a dynamic driver

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I reviewed both of these (you can find links to the reviews in the Acho Reviews thread if you are interested) and while I found the HE400i to be ok, I find the HE400se to be great, easily my favourite headphone in the sub 500€ bracket.

I haven’t heard the HD58x but the DT1990 is a very good headphone, except for that peak in the treble which will affect some people far more than others. I find that the foam disc inserts tame that peak well enough for me to enjoy them without EQ but YMMV.

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SE has HiFiMan’s new stealth magnet drivers. A superb value planar.

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What do you like to listen to, and what do you like/dislike about your 58x?

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I hear D&B, metal, rock, instrumental (games/movies soundtracks, etc), also play games.

I think I cannot say like/dislike about X58, because I came from cheap gaming headphones and the E30+HD58X just blowed my mind, I like all of them. Maybe when I try more headphones, dac, amp… I can start to say what I like or dislike from each one.

I have been watching more reviews and information and learned lot of things. Im starting to think just get planars, with balanced output Amp and adquire custom balanced cable, thats said, I was thinking to do a throw with Edition XS (as up there they said better to spend on headphones), and some Amp with balanced output, Singxer sa-1 (like remtang said) or Jot 2. I really wanted my first Schiit gear, because specially like Schiit aesthetics and made in US, and I want something in my life not made in China :joy:

In brief, I want something different, not spend lots of money to be close to I have right now. I want to experience another mind blowing.

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Audeze LCD-X with a JDS Labs Element or a Schiit stack.

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The Edition XS and Singxer SA-1 are both bangers. You’d have money to spare too!

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I read alot about these headphones and decided to jump to the hype train. Ordered together with the Singxer and added XLR balanced cable. I want to try to hear both SE and balanced now I have the chance.

Thank you all for the help :smiley: