IMR Acoustics IEM's

Is there still bad blood amongst the audio community when it comes to this company because of Bobs past history at Trinity? if so would it sway your decision whether of not you’d purchase any of their sets?..

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Very simple. It’s a pure scam. Nothing to do with his previous “work”.
Actually, my bad, it’s not a scan but a rip-off. Two different things.

I wanted to cooperate with IMR Acoustics because they looked amazing… when I received the IMR R2 Aten sample. I was like - What?
First off all. Horrific smell, the most horrific smelling package that I have ever encountered. It’s mainly the cable which is also a pure rip-off.

You price a product at 500 bucks, and what do you get? A bad chinese product.
Now, I have worked with various Chinese companies and products, and most of them blow away any European or American company. But Bob decided to thoughtfully plan to produce a crappy product and sell it at an absurd price. Luckily for him, many have fallen in his trap.

Since I am professional, I do not waste my energy on focusing on bad companies - neither do I want any legal trouble, nor do I want to ruin my reputation. But IMR Acoustics has been a company that I would just like to see fall to the ground. Bob is packing all the money up his butt, and he is enjoying it.

The products are horrible, would probably be more suitable to price them at 50 bucks.

The bass is soooooo overemphasized that I cannot even understand the price tag. There is nothing special about them, and my 50 USD Jade Audio EA3 blow these guys away by far.

There are too many BS reviewers like porta. fi and Audiophile Heaven that give the wrong image of products. They are the two most popular reviewers… and it’s because all the products are amazing, and they love freebies :wink:

My two cents - stay as far away from this company as you can.

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I’ll take your answer as a yes then :joy:

Personally I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole either, but just wanted to see what other people thought :+1:

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They have been sitting in the box ever since I got them. Ben will not get a review from me, because he doesn’t deserve it. He scammed people before, so I don’t have any responsibility to write a review for his rip-offs.

It’s sad, because the mainstream market and normal consumers… they will buy it. It is what it is.

Would take any other quality product (like products from KBEAR or other Asian companies that focus on sound quality) over the IMR bullsh*t.

Worst way to throw your money. You would be much better donating that money to a charity and buying a 100 USD IEM’s :joy: