In ear for VR setup

I want to use my own headphones in my VR setup but I don’t want to use over ear for the obvious weight issues.
What would be the best iem’s for VR use.

literally any would be fine as long as they are compatible with your VR set up. I assume, for VR, you would be playing games. So I would find some IEMs that have a wide soundstage with good imaging; or ones that are quite bossy to make games more intense.

Tin t2’are pretty good for the price with a surprisingly wide sound stage or you could use KSC 75’s

I would also recommend something like the ksc75s because then you would still be able to hear the outside fairly well, so in case of an emergency or if someone is trying to get your attention, you wouldn’t miss it or be startled while still remaining immersed. There are other open back iem, but I haven’t heard any so I can’t give you much input there.

Thank you for the help.