In ear vs headphone for gaming?

Imaging, soundstage, separation, detailed
why some of in-ear headphones are recommended for gaming

I haven ever seen in-ears as a recommendation over headphones for gaming. People use them for their own reasons whether its comfort or ease of use alongside its isolation benefit. Pro’s use them mainly for the isolation. Headphones will provide a larger soundstage, usually more accurate imaging, and a better detailed seperation over in-ears in most cases in game. That’s not to say In-ears can’t be good it’s just that in general cases headphones are the better option. Some people just like the feel of an in ear over an over ear headphone. It’s personal preference but you stand to gain more from a regular old pair of closed back headphones with large soundstage and analytical imaging in the competitive scene since that’s whats more commonly used

For super cheap the qkz vk4, tin t2 , tin t4 , moondrop kanas pro. But if you can headphones all the way

Blon Bl03 can be good to add to that for cheapo in ears

Not great for gaming as it has really odd presentation from my experience

I can vouch for the vk4 and t2. To me the vk4 has been better for gaming.

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it really is unexpectedly good for the price in respect to gaming

What is your price range? And what are you looking for out of a gaming headphone? Like are you wanting to be a competitive gamer or do you want a more immersive experience?