In need of a more appropriate wattaged amp

So I am currently in need of some guidance. At the moment I am using a SA-98E to power a pair of Micca RB42’s for a near field deck set up. I initially purchased the SA-98E for it relatively large power output. But that is just the thing it provides too much power as I prefer to keep my volume to a minimum in part due to my living arrangements and also in part to my compromised hearing(loud noises hurt ma ears). With a bit of play I can get the volume set to a level that I like, but said level is uncomfortable close to the point in which channel imbalance comes into play.

So I need to replace my current amp with one with a lower wattage or one with a high/low gain switch. I do also have a short list of other qualities I need of the amp. The first being that It is cleaner then the one I have now, that quality should be an easy one to achieve. The second quality is that it must fit into my current stack without issues. So it needs to be black and not be a weird shape or be huge. The third quality is that It must fit into my budget of less then 250 dollars the lower the better. I would also prefer it to not have all the bells and whistles I just need a clean amp.

Instead of replacing the amp, you could put a monitor controller (Mackie Big Knob passive, JBL Nano Patch+, Fostex PC-1e, ESI MoCo, Nobsound Little Bear MC2, Schiit Sys) between your DAC and Amp.

That’s an idea. My primary concern is that correcting my issue in this manner will make my already odd looking stack even more off putting. It would also make my wiring situation a bit more chaotic and shameful looking too.