In need of a Sub reccomendation

As the title indicates I am in need of some help in choosing a sub-woofer to purchase for TV/movie viewing. A few things, I am on a tight budget and would prefer to stay under 200 American. My room set up is also a bit odd as I live in a 528 square foot studio apartment how ever the bedroom is separated from the living room by a chest high wall and the kitchen while tiny is separated from the bedroom by a full wall while open to the living room. The living room is about 14ft by 11ft.

You could look into the BIC America F12 or Klipsch R-10SW in that price range

You should also see if any local used markets have any subs

The Fluance DB10 would also work

any opinion on this one ? price seems about right but I haven’t gotten a chance to look at its reviews yet.

Dayton subs are pretty solid and would get the job done for sure. Not really the best out there but they don’t need to be for the price. I have heard the dayton 10 not the 12, but I would assume they are fairly similar in sound

I just checked and the dayton 10 and 12 inch are both on z reddit suggestion page. That forum inst really kept up to date since hifi guides went up but no one has yet to add a sub-woofer recommendation section to it. I noticed tat monoprice has a super cheap one but I get suspicious when things get too cheap.

I know someone who had their cheaper 8 inch and it didn’t sound that great, but the 12 could be better, but I personally would trust the dayton over the lower end monoprice. The monoprice thx subs are pretty great though

Also I think there is a sub rec page although it really isn’t finished and choose subwoofers

I just double checked, and it only has 6 recommended one and the cheapest is 500 dollary doos.

Yeahh, not super helpful for most people. I don’t control any of that lol.

well Z needs to get on that, granted with how much you are on this sight I kinda figured it was actually up to you. Did some digging and atm for that dayton sub I can get it with free shipping and an extract 15$ off which isn’t anything especially as it just barley covers taxes.


Lol I don’t have anything to do with this site (not an admin or mod, don’t have any control, and don’t do anything lol, I’m just here)

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lol, you just described yourself the same way one would describe a couch throw pillow.


There is also the option to save more and get a decent & better sub later on.
Since 200 us ain’t much as in subs.

Did you pick up a sub on black friday? $200 isn’t much to be spending on subs unless they’re on sale. I had the dayton 8 inch sub for a long long time. I just upgraded this black friday to the klipsch 12 inch sub and have really enjoyed it so far. It was a much needed upgrade. If i were in your position, i’d get a cheap 12 inch sub like the dayton or build my own. Then i’d upgrade when i could. Best of luck finding the one!

The infinity R12 sub and jbl 550p sub are on sale for under $200 right now. Ive never heard them but ive heard great things about them.

I have the infinity r12, can confirm it is pretty great for the price. It works really well for both music and movies, but I definitely prefer it for movies. With music it works well but it doesn’t have the super tight bass that I like with music. It is by no means bad tho, and I would consider it a fairly great multipurpose sub.

To get really tight bass for a music sub, you kinda have to spend a lot more imo

no I bought that 12 inch dayton before black Friday. But I did get it for a good price. While I cant say how it sounds compared to other subs as it is my first one. I can say that it does make the go. but I would also say only get it if you need a big cheap sub.

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