In need of Darkvoice repair advice

Boys I fucked up I broke off my Darkvoice on/off switch while I was moving house I need some advice on where to get a switch just like the stock one or one someone would recommend and

How either easy or hard it is to repair?

I’m very handy with a solder and no experience repairing a tube amp.

I royally snapped it off and its loose and jiggling. Have I damaged anything else inside? It was a light frontal drop.

You only have to change the switch.
Then it should work again.
If you don’t have the confidence to change it yourself, take it to an electronics workshop.
The part costs 2-3$/€ and is installed in one hour with labour time it should not cost more than 50-60$/€.

To see what kind of switch is needed, open the case.
Because the switch is available as 2 or 3 pin.
It may be possible to convert it to a push button switch, then this will no longer happen.:wink:
The Darvoice’s inner workings are not broken because of this.

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Digikey, Farnell, Mauser, etc.

Obvious issues like this, easy.


Thank you so much, yeah the parts look cheap for switches I think I should be able to handle this one thankfully.

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If its stuck in the ON position or capable to be flipped to that, could always control the power at the outlet end. “Alexa, warm up my tube amp!” Could be an added feature to the box rather than a broken switch lol.


:joy::ok_hand:Unfortunately that poor switch is loose af in that socket. I wish we could have such darkvoice automation