In over my head on bedroom setup, any advice greatly appreciated!


First post on the forum, been reading quite a bit though. Too much really as I’ve only confused myself more and more.

A little background. My family and I moved from Alaska down to California a couple years back. In the process we downsized on all electronics aside from the Panasonic GT50, which I’ve never been able to let go. I decided it was time to stop listening to TV audio and replace our turntable. We have a high energy 4 year old, so I decided the master bedroom would be the home of the good audio equipment and the better TV.

I imagine usage will be 60/40, movies/music. But with neighbors, I will need clarity at lower volumes while listening to both the dialogue and music. Wanting to achieve this is what has caused the most confusion for me. Space is a premium and I have to fit everything into basically a 2x8’ area that currently houses a dresser. TV is mounted on the wall.

I started with a turntable because it would make the least difference on the rest of the choices:
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo

Then I bought speakers without having the rest of my plan in place, which I know is a mistake, but when there was all of a sudden available stock of the Q Acoustics 3030i, I jumped. Now, I don’t have a plan to tie everything together and every time I think I figured it out, I read or watch something else and am back to jump street.

With the TV, turntable, and speakers I already have, I am trying to get down to a enjoyable, clean and simple setup that will do at least some justice to the speakers and turntable I’ve already bought.
Bluetooth is a necessity as well because I sold my wife on all this by including it. I’d also like the option to add a headphone amp in the chain in the near future. A 1 remote solution for volume and input would be great.

Oh and I’d really like to keep the rest of the components under $700. :pray:

First thought was a simple Yamaha stereo receiver 202 model, IFI Zen Phono Preamp, Topping D50s (adding the A50s in a couple of months).

Then I bounce towards an AV receiver that can connect to everything, hopefully controlling the whole system with HDMI CEC not having issues. Then I could also have the Roku and Blu Ray player routed through the receiver and leave everything less complicated for my wife when I’m traveling for work.

I’ve also looked for some kind of passive receiver so I could use separate higher quality amp, but trying to figure out how to make that work has been confusing.

I will not need a sub for more base, but I may to clean up up the audio at lower volumes? Not sure yet and wondering how to implement the crossovers after the fact has about friend my brain.

Trying to figure all this out at the same time has left me far more confused and really regretting not jumping on the Klipsch Fives or the Kanto Tuks when I saw them for $600.

Maybe worth mentioning? I’m not going with speaker stands because I don’t trust my kid not to run into them, I think most desk stands will have the speakers starting to block the lower part of the TV. So I’ve been looking at the vibration absorbing stick on feet options that people tend to use on Subwoofers and under turntables. If I use the shock absorbing feet on both the speakers and the turntable, I keep wondering If I can get away with not having a separate turntable stand, which will leave floor space later for a Sub.

Thank you for any advice you can send my way :raised_hands:

A nice yamaha receiver will be great imo. def wont need a sub


Yamaha AVR, toyota tacoma of audio. get the new $400 one. For 1 remote appletv, you might get hdmi handshake issues but the appletv remote is so easy it will control desktop amps to AVRs.

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I’m just here to make you feel bad about not buying TUK

But in all honesty, you’ll be able to get everything you want from a modern HT receiver.

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Thank you!

The new $400, is that the V4A? Thanks!

I really should have bought the Tuk🤦🏻

Yep. The avantage A2A $799.00 have preout for the front channels but theyre known for weak output signal. Dont know if they fixed that for 2020. If you plan on home theater, Denon 3700h. Cheapest new pre/pro with the amp disconnect. 7.1.4 measure well by ASR and audioholics.

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Thank you again. I definitely don’t plan on a expanding into surround sound and home theater. I’ve always been very happy with 2 channel and mono.

If there were more 2.1 systems and information on them, I’d be leaning heavily in that direction.

The avantage a2a might be the way to go for the front channel preout high/low pass filter and wattage if you care about adding a subwoofer.

You could go stereo receiver i hear theyre audiophile and sub out but im not sure if they have crossovers.

The workaround would be floorstanders or DSP, something like minidspHD. But think minidspHD is limited to 96/24 through optical in.

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I wouldn’t need the extra bass that comes with the Sub, but I was wondering if I would end up wanting one so I could get better low volume performance out of the bookshelves.

A previous reply said I shouldn’t need them, but do you have thoughts?

thoughts of LFE going through my 2.0 TV setups keeps me up at night. With low volume not really depending on the speaker, but were on a audio forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
With just a cheap 10in $100 sub, the sound stage of full range. You Want it.