In search for a BluRay solution

Not entirely unexpected, the BluRay drive in my computer just gave up on me.
There have been problems reading CDs, recognizing DVDs and now it is dead.

I think I still have a SATA DVD/CD drive somewhere, so I am covered on those fronts.
Playing Blurays on a computer is a hassle (thanks DRM), which is the main reason I want to look into the viability of this venture.
HDMI to main monitor and I am 50% there. In theory I could use the DAC integrated into that monitor, but from prior experience, I would rather stick corkscrews up my ears.
Getting just another 5.25" bluray drive is the same cost as a normal bluray player, still is kind of an option. If this turns out to be impractical and I should not touch a (formerly) running system, tell me!

Now to my question:
If I were to plug the SPDIF out from a Sony BDP-S 1700 into something like an SMSL M100, that gives me an analog signal to work with, right?


  • BluRay player or new 5.25" bluray drive?
  • Need analog signal (DAC with SPDIF in?)
  • Under 200€ (hard limit)
  • Parts need to be available in Europe (Germany)

yes, the optical out works with a dac. You just need to set the bluray player to pcm

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Xbox one X. Once Oppo stopped sales, the xbox-x became one of the best choices in my mind. Or a Sony playstation PS-3, i keep a spare one of those around just for the blue ray.
Edit; no idea if those fit your price range though, sorry if bad suggestion…


The Xbox one s would also work and can be found new under 200. Just make sure it’s not the digital version without disc drive.


Seeing as this thread has gotten 36 views and yielded 3 helpful replies, I got an idea to increase interaction in here:

  • 5.25" drive (just replace what broke)
  • External player + DAC
  • Used Console
  • Other (please specify)

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I never saw measurements for the PS3 RCA output, but remember the PS1 (20 years ago) was doing 95dB SINAD. So I would not worry at all about sound quality with a PS3. CD/DVD/Blu-ray/USB player. You can also change the hard drive in it easily, and put all your audio/video files there even. Access youtube/netflix too, etc.

I plug my PS3 straight into my Atom sometimes. Sounds great!

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