Infernal Affairs audiophile scene

So I randomly thought of Infernal Affairs today, which has an audiophile scene in the beginning. For those who don’t know, The Departed is the American remake of this film. When I watched this back in the day, I had no idea what the guy was shopping for but it looked and sounded awesome. I got a kick rewatching it now, older and wiser(?).

Article where I found this clip:

Fun fact, the amp he buys is an actual, real life model.

The scene seems to show the two amps with some “stuff” in between. Can anyone shed some light on what it is? (Clearly, there is more to learn.)


I love this movie. Was kind of mad when The Departed came out.

Lol same. Though The Departed was actually pretty good imo, just different enough. Still like the original more.

BTW, do you know what that thing is between the two monoblock amps? Getting more and more curious haha.

I think it’s a tube pre-amp?

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Thanks, I’ll google a bit to see if I can find it.

It also may be a tube integrated amp with bypasses (or not even attached to the two tube amps)

Lol, the internet abides. For the few who are interested, it seems to be an Audio Space Pre-1. (With a grill to protect the tubes presumably?)

From this article:

Edit: Some old post of a guy selling one. I don’t own a tube amp, but one day!