Infinity R12 sub On Sale

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Ordered two of them and I got an additional 10% off by using online chat!

Looking to maybe buy one of these Friday when i get payed if they are still on sale… is it any good?

Would one of these be good for music and movies? Also is this a pretty good deal? it says they are normally $499… pretty big price drop.

I would be using it in a 12’x12’ room with a 3.0 setup of KEF Q100 and a YAMAHA RX-V381 AVR.

I’ve never used a sub before so I really don’t know much about anything honestly, is there anything else i need to know or need to buy with it? please educate me :smile:

Aside from a y subwoofer cable (like this one), you should be good. Just read up on proper subwoofer placement and you should be good

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I can get one of these or a klipsch r-12sw used for about 200… Opinions?

Honestly they would probably have similar performance. Both are quality companies, so it’s kinda hard to definitively say one is better without a doubt. I would lean towards the infinity, but both are good options

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Yeah you’re probably right, I’m gonna go with the infinity just simply because it brand new with warranty and cheaper. Thanks for the advice.