Infinity R162 vs Swan m200?

I’ve seen the infinity r162 on sale for $162 so I was wondering if that plus a smsl ad18 or topping mx3 would be better than a swan m200 for desk listening as they will be around the same price? Also considering the kef q150 and JBL studio 530 but I would prefer the other two as they are more within my budget.

The Infinity speaker is fantastic. I am not sure how it compares to the Q150 or JBL Studio 530, but the Infinity is easily on par with the older KEF Q100. Exceptional imaging and fantastic detailed highs, but not harsh at all. They are actually a very neutral sounding speaker in my opinion.

So you would recommend the infinity over the swans? And do you think an smsl ad18 or topping mx3 would be better for the inifinity?

I really can’t compare the Swans as I have never heard them. Just giving you my 2 cents on the Infinity’s. As for the amps, I think either would work just fine. Neither will have a problem powering the Infinity’s, but more power is always better. I have mine paired with an Emotiva BasX A-100 amp and they sound fantastic with it. That amp is only 50W per channel.