Infinity studio monitor 100 rebuild log

Few images of the rebuild process.


i am not the best photographer :slightly_smiling_face:

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thought i took a pic after i filled them with polyfill, but nope lol oh well. also added about 2#'s of polyfill each cab.

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Nice! How decayed and falling apart was the original dampening foam?

Toast! Lol it all fell off taking them off.

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I threw out some infinity surround speakers not so long ago, because the foam had completely rotted through.

Their foam does not seem to last

I thought about refoaming. They have many kits including the dust caps. But the woofers were not the greatest to start with. And I got better ones for 18$ each.

Not really worth it for me, I’ve had them since the early 90’s, and I have a lot of “spare” speakers lying around I can replace surrounds with.

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Little baby crossover

I went with the parts express brand 2k lowpass and hishpass. they look the same but are wired opposite on the board. so theres 2 in each, but yeah they are simple not to big work great and have double tabs on each connection. making wiring real easy to do with them. they work for basic rebuilds and builds 2 way. they have a couple 3 way boards, but i am not a fan of the xover points they put them at.

if i had my soldering iron, i would of just built them. did not have one at the time, but i do again now =)

lol those are pics from the first cab rebuild, where i was all over the place to. ones mounted on each side wall. the second cab i mounted them on the bottom and was easier to work with that way. lesson’s learned :slightly_smiling_face:

second cab went together much faster and easier after i figured out a few bad ways to find the good ways lol

thats why i love DIY =)