Infinity Studio Monitor 100's

Friend gave me these yesterday. Debating on refoaming or replacing drivers. The little I can find on them has them sounding meh lol. But the cabs look amazing and are in great shape. Tweeter supposed to be crap as well. Leaning towards replacing all drivers. The cabs are huge and have plenty of room to add a dedicated mid. Hell it has a 10" driver, but the cabs large enough for a 12".

Anyone have any experience with late 80’s infinity speakers on how they sound? I kinda like the dustcaps and look on the woofer. And lots of refoaming kits out there for them.

Anyways, keep on looking and listening! Never know what you may stumble on :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are pretty beat up, yeah. You could refoam them, but I do think swapping the drivers and the crossover would be pretty cool. I haven’t heard those specific models, but I have heard others in the range and they were good but nothing really impressive to me

Yeah thats kind of my thoughts. Leaning towards replacing drivers. the tweeters look kinda ugly to me, and are not that great from the little info i have on them. drivers might be bad or xover on one anyways, buddy said only one speaker works. id guess the xover at the attenuator went bad. So probably easier to just replace drivers anyways lol.

Also you might want to add more bracing and cabinet work to make them sound better because I’ve heard the cabinets are subpar from this era

My cats wont stay off them, they love em =D I think I will replace drivers, now to hunt for a combo.

Yeah i saw a teardown of a cerwin vega same time period, they all recommend bracing and stuffing. They are made out of particle board instead of mdf. plan on putting in 2 h brackets around the woofer, maybe a 3rd at the top. prolly just 1 strait brace at the top. i do not think i will be driving them to concert levels anytime soon, should be more then enough bracing off of the 2 H brackets, but if I am gunna brace may as well throw a 3rd at the top.