Info needed plz? Did i do as good as i think i did on these? 😬

Got one amazing deal on a pair of Tannoy System 12’s i absolutely am floored by these heavy mofos in every way

200 bux btw Almost unreal i thought

I am not familiar with that model in general, but Tannoys are very well regarded. As long as they are in good working order with good cones then it looks like you have yourself a deal.

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Which electronics are you running with them?

Thank u i had vaguely heard of em but once i realized they were like 70lbs each, i figured i needed to grab em once i saw they worked

They appear to be in excellent condition, all i have to play them here in the shop is sn older crown d150 series 2 but my they will flat put u backing away even with that

Some info.

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Really appreciate it, i hadn’t had much luck finding out any specs hardly :raised_hands:t2:

Also gonna need to amp shop yet again to power these. The cycle continues…:joy::love_you_gesture:t2: