Integrated Amp/Receiver for multi media set up

Hello. I’m currently putting together a multimedia setup that will be used or vinyl, Movies and digital music and wasn’t sure what amp/reciever to get for around 300$ give or take. I will be most likely be getting a Schiit Mani for my Po-ject DC espirit so doesnt need to have phono but wouldnt hurt. I will also be connecting my tv to it. Also if possible bluetooth connectivty but also not necessary. I’m running a pair of klipsch 600m right now but plan on getting a sub down the line. Was just hoping you guys could give some recommendations. Thanks for your help.

I don’t know much about this unit other than it’s on sale and checks most of the boxes you just listed:

The owner’s manual you can download on that page says it has 30wpc power output into 8 ohms. That should be plenty for Klipsch speakers. But, I have no personal experience with it. I just know it exists.

the PA3 has two inputs so one from your mani/turntable and the other from the e30/tv/bluetooth
the bluetooth receiver has didgital outputs so you just hook that up to the e30 and switch between bluetooth and tv

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The Denon PMA-600ne tends to be a common recommendation for an integrated amp. No personal experience with it.