Integrated amps for dual purpose music/movies & TV

Hey all,
I’m stuck between amps, just after opinions on upgrades.
At the moment I’ve got an mx3 powering some Jamo s803s.
I want a beefier amp to bring them to life a bit more, the mx3 might be sold or used elsewhere in the house for fun.

I’m looking at either a Marantz pm6006 or Rotel a12. Both can be had for around 1200 in Aus, then there’s the sprout100 with a sub out which is kinda sexy. Then you start looking at the Yamaha s701 and gat dayum. Many options.

If anyone has any experience with these amps and is willing to share that would be swell, also any info on subs with amps that don’t have a sub out i.e which subs to go for.

Also the main purpose is for music, not too fussed on movies and have no interest in setting up a 5.1 or 7.1 for a long time.
Thanks in advance everybody!

I think the pm6006 and sprout100 are great. They sound really good, both have ample power, and they are solid pieces overall

If an amp does not have a sub out, see if it has a pre out or line out. You would then buy a powered sub and connect it to the amp.