Interesting Idea For Bedroom Busting Bass

High wattage low ohm power amps + car audio subwoofers in a bedroom… easy spl fun??


1 of these…
Behringer NX1000 1000W 2-channel Power Amplifier | Sweetwater

2 of these…
AmazonSmile: Harmony Audio HA-RS15 Car Stereo Rhythm Loaded 15" Vented 900W Sub Box Enclosure: Home Audio & Theater

simple. fun. I’m missing something. :[


Not sure the quality, like 5/8" construction isn’t the best. If accurate a 23hz tuning on the port is a surprise. But, I’d agree that it’s a lot of boom-boom for not much money.

What’s your use/goal though?

My plan for awhile has been a large Dayton HO or Ultimax of a Crown XLS. Big sealed.

It was just example items, and honestly it’s a case of put in earplugs (maybe depending on sq and spl), lay on my bed, and get a massage. (it’s cool too)

Chances are a Rythmik sealed 12 with 4 butt-kickers (1 strapped on each corner underneath my bed) hooked to each other would give a much better result for a musical massage. I WANT MY BALLS TO SLAP MY ASS!!.. when I turn it to max, otherwise a calming rumble is better :]

If i really wanted to go for quality I would custom build boxes for ultimaxes lol, the value of car subs in prefabs are undeniable though

5/8 with proper bracing is not bad at all

also, better example;
JL Audio CP212-W0v3 BassWedge™ slot-ported enclosure with two 12" W0v3 subwoofers at Crutchfield

Sure. One thing you’ll want to ensure is a 4ohm final load will be ideal if bridging the Pro Amp. The built-in xover options on Crown XLS stuff is so much nicer than the back switches on this Behringer.

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I would plan on just using two subs to keep the ohm load down and power high, maximize efficiency and stuff. good to know about the crown stuff tho