Internal wires matter?

For those that say don’t waste your money on exotic aftermarket cables when the internal ones are wack…Noble Sultan Damascus LTD edition have the answer…pure silver internal wire bling :ring:

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And that’s one reason why they 3600 and no need to buy for aftermarket cable.

Odin’s are almost that :dollar: not sure about their internal wires or if that even matters…in-fact what do high-end HP manufactures use for their internal wiring…Abyss, HifiMan and Audeze etc?

Why would internal wiring even matter when it comes to buying a 3rd party cable.
Even if it was the worst wire possible, it would be in effect a part of a black box, it wouldn’t change the fact that cables do or do not have an effect.
Plus even if the internal wire is terrible, it’s not like there is a lot of it in an IEM when compared to the length of a cable.

Of course nothing matters with the mighty Sultan Damascus Limited.
It has Noble’s excellent 12-core cable:
The Sultan comes with Noble’s excellent 12-core cable contains OCC pure silver mixed with three rare metals: palladium, platinum and gold with 4.4mm termination.

At any rate it is better than 3rd party (most likely a china) cable. :smiley:
Unless spent big numbers on actual cable quality.

About time.

That’s why I prefer wireless, no wires, no problems.

Until the power runs out, on the minute you need it. :smiley:
Few remote / battery powered devices “suddenly” broke more, when the power run out.

Internal wires though :thinking:

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I mean the sources also have abtteries TWS IEMS have pretty damn good baterries these days my gamalxy buds last me a full 10 hour shift without charging and the charging case is the best thing to happen to wireless IEMs whing will last me a full 4 days without charging 8- 1 hours a day though I only use 1 at a time so realistically that’s 2 days per charge but still pretty good if you ask me. but Im also the kind who has a charger at my disposal everywhere I go.

He doesn’t get it. Maybe it’s a joke?