Introduction / welcoming forum for new members

a good introduction post where someone can ask questions and get friendly answers they can refer to repeatedly might be a good idea.

I joined a forum that does this and my one post is like 4 or 5 pages long now with answers to all sorts of questions about RC stuff I couldn’t find good answers for.

makes it comfortable and easy for them to ask, without worry of being shit on. that’s not really an issue here in the first place, but they may not know / realize that.

I also think we should have a sticky or two for the sub-forums where we share a guide for the details we need to know / have to answer their questions properly. :slight_smile:


oh yeh…a best of sticky would be good for conversations of note for questions / issues / concerns that come up frequently.

I know stickies can get out of hand…but I think one or two, maaaybe three is reasonable.

one - what info to provide when you want to ask questions
two - best of thread that is basically an index of things so you don’t need to have more than two, maaaybe three stickies. :wink: