Investment in Dan Clark

Anyone else seeing these ads for investing in Dan Clark Audio? Just curious if anyone has done it, or is considering doing it.

Yes to the ad and no to the buying in. I enjoy my DCA Aeon 2s but not buying in.

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Not sure why they’re raising money given that they’re profitable. Doesn’t make sense to me. Also the org seems pretty top heavy - 3 business guys. And only one engineer is mentioned.

You usually raise money to finance some move, I know they’re looking to expand into markets outside the US, that’s partly what prompted the name change.
Raising money it via crowd funding means you Issue common stock instead of preferred stock, and pretty much guarantees no single investor will have enough stock to dictate direction, or remove one of the principles.

I dropped 5k in it for shits and giggles. It worked when I bought facebook at $18 a share, and Rivian at $11 a share. From what I understand they are going to be making some BT over ears which does excite me

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