IPENG, to Innuos Zenith Mk3, playback issues, Technical assist requested

Hey there smart computer guys, I unfortunately am back asking for your assistance. A while back I got an Innuos Zenith MK3 music server. https://www.innuos.com/en/catalog/go/zenith-mk3-1tb-ssd-black


I purchased IPENG for my older iPhone 6+. I installed everything and uploaded about 200 cd’s, plugged everything in and it all worked great for 2 weeks or so. NO idea what happened next, the IPENG software simply started having immense trouble loading the music server selections. At first it took about 40 minutes before I could go from power up to pulling a song track or streaming service. It just degraded from there to the point where now IPENG doesn’t seem to load anything.

I have re-booted, flushed the cache, tried IPENG off my tablet, tried to re-load IPENG, nothing seems to work. I went over the instructions a few times and just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Does anyone have any experience at all with IPENG or Innuos servers?

Any thoughts and assistance on the matter much appreciated. Nick

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I can see, no one has replied, so I guess not many around here has experience with the Zenith. I am contemplating getting one, so I would ask you what your experience is re sound quality and UI.

Is it worth getting in your opinion?
(I hope you solved this breakdown)

@SM_Music, yes all issues have been resolved. I now use ROON, w/subscriptions to Tidal and Quboz along w/ a ripped library of 500gigs or so of music.
I also use a fancy USB cable that cost way too much and have found my happy place with this part of the system.

Is it worth it? That’s a hard question to answer, how much “better” are you looking for and is a few percentages overall in SQ worth the thousands in investment over much less expensive digital interfaces to you?

Yes, my innuos performs better than a tablet pushing Bluetooth to my DACs and beyond. Yes it performs cleaner and with nicer overall sound quality than a laptop direct via USB to my DAC. Does it perform better than a $5K turntable? I can’t answer that question, I can’t get past the general hiss I hear on all turntables. Does it perform better than a Roon nucleus for almost half the cost? I have heard a few systems with them and my answer is maybe…

It’s allot of money for a cd ripper, storage and a high end Roon core, allot , but I did it, cried once and doubt I could or would ever go back to anything less.

The technical assistance from Innuos is top notch and their tech is tenacious. It takes a few days to get help but they won’t stop till they figure out what’s wrong. Also in the near future Innuos is supposed to come out with their own software to run the players, non-issue for me since Roon is what I’m sticking with.

The ONLY complaint I have is that I wish my Zenith had a SPIDIF or AES out rather than just the 2 USB ports. Otherwise I am very satisfied. I hope this helps you and happy listening always.


I should have added, the current version of ROON and Innuos software work well together.
There is no software or performance lag in the core that I am able to detect and it is built like a mini tank. The CD ripper works fantastic and I have never had any issues even after having used it hundreds of times.

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I am looking at the Zen Mini, both due to cost and space issues, but it is almost as good. It is costly, but I like the look, the CD-ripper made easy and the over all improvement in sound ofc. I have 2 great amps and a great DAC (may get one more of each), but for me I need something that makes this hobby easy and something that broaden the experience.

Entrance: The Zen Mini

I just want to conect it via my pc and with either ROON (never tried it) or their own software, this is also possible. And I can stream too.
I have been in contact with Innuos and they are super supportive, so that is also a part of the decision making.

Re connections, then I am happy with USB and many says it is the best way to transfer digitally, so I’m good.

And good to hear you solved the issue and is a happy user :smiley:


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A follow-up question:

Do you stream music (Spotify, Tidal ot Quboz) with this and if yes, does it work okay?

Yes, i subscribe to both Qobuz and Tidal along w/ the Roon. I was hesitant at first because of the cost but in the end i find i now actually listen to more music variety than ever before in my life. Because i did not know better for decades i was stuck listening to the same old genres and songs. This has allowed someone like me who never really followed music but just used radio and whatever came along to really see just how much variety is available . It also allows me to find so much from my parents homeland which i did not have access to before, the foreign genre’s alone are worth the monthly fees.
I had to accept the streaming format and break past my own stubbornness of physically having to own a hard copy of the music. I live in an area where i have good internet And i now also stream the tidal or quboz While i drive and at work. Honestly i can’t go back to radio, tape cassettes or Cd’s.
I understand that Vinyl is its own experience so i don’t compare it. Overal this is NOT cheaper or more expensive than a high-end vinyl set-up but head and shoulders above all other standard media along w/ much better quality when you are hard-wired via ethernet at home w/ strong service. I will repeat the variety alone FOR ME has been eye-opening and the best part of it all.

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Just to be clear, i use the full capability of the Innuos And have stored all my cd’s onto the hard drive. At home i have 3 separate rooms and Systems hard wired via ethernet into my network to use the innuos as my roon core.
Edit; there Are 5 systems total in my house, but since 2 of them do not have ethernet capability only 3 use the innuos and roon and the 2 small systems i simply stream direct Via bluetooth with tidal or quboz…

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Sounds cool.
I am in contact with Innuous re streaming (specificly Spotify) and how it works and to my question about why Innuos is not listed on spotify’s web as a supported product, he replyed:

We are no longer declaring official support for Spotify, although for many users it does still work.

Our Spotify integration relies on the Logitech Media Server plug-in to function, which is why as a brand we are not listed - we’re reliant on the LMS ecosystem. That plug-in can still be installed on our servers and, as i say, Spotify Connect works quite well for many of our customers, but it is difficult for us to directly solve some potential Spotify issues that could arise.

Therefore i would say if you are predominantly looking at a device for the primary purpose of heavy amounts of Spotify streaming, i would not strictly encourage our devices for that sole purpose.

50% of my music usage is streaming, so ofc this is important. But it looks like it works okay. I would just hate to buy it and then it doesn’t work with Spotify.

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one more question:

Can you create playinglists in the software?
(outside Roon)

Ok, ok…hold on since Spotify is your main source. Yes there is an issue there and NO i was never able to get spotify to work but i also don’t care much for the service so it was not an issue for ME.
For you though there may be an issue, and if that is your ONLY streaming service the value may drop due to this one reason alone.
I-peng did NOT work for me initially and i almost gave up until my dealer came up w/ a different solution and i installed the combination of roon, tidal, quboz Using the BETA vsersion of logitec on the system which is hidden somewhere in the menus…

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Again, VERY specific to me using quboz and tidal. I can create 3 seperate styles of playlists.
1-tidal playlists
2- quoboz playlists
3-roon playlists
They integrate in roon and i can pick them when at home

Okay, I thought you had to disable roon to get the streaming to work okay.
I will give me something to think about, but perhaps it is time to look at Tidal or Quobuz.

Thx for the help :slight_smile:

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BUT, each style of playlist is created in its own service and then Roon integrates them. Does this make sense?
For quboz or tidal i goninto each service seperatly and save my playlists and favorites there first, then they import to roon seperately.

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@SM_Music, lastly i do NOT purchase high-end music to own the files or any new cd’s to own the music. I have some music from old cd’s and some files due to the kindness of friends. All my music is simply “rented monthly” that was the biggest issue i had To get past in my own mind. Ten years from now after having spent $5k I will own nothing…

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lol I had the same feeling, but now it is okay, as long as I have access to the music.

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If i were 20 years younger i would have gone high-end vinyl…@50yrs old i can deal with this…especially since NOkids to leave a large record collection and gear to…YMMV, good luck and happy listening my friend…:+1:

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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